Serenity Valley Winery

Serenity Valley Winery
1888 County #342
Fulton, MO 65251

Jammin’ Berry
Spring Blossom
Touch of Black & Gold

Wine List:
Dorf Geheimnis (Village Secret, tart)
Touch of Black & Gold (a Mizzou wine, you wouldn’t think it’s sweet because it’s black currant and merlot but it is)
Velvet Rhapsody (tart raspberry, great for brownies)
Jammin’ Berry (like black cherry Kool-Aid)
Perfect Pair (pear Riesling)
Sweet Heart (sweet and pearlike)
Spring Blossom (green apple Riesling)
Burning Embers (port but not fortified with brandy)

They have a big white house on a pretty lake not too far from I-70. (The wines are sold and consumed in the building next to the house but they seem to use the house as their logo so I will too.) Most of the wines are sweet which is just what we want.


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