Cooper’s Oak

Cooper’s Oak
327 Main St
Boonville, MO 65233

I think they only have the Higbee location now so here it is.
96-A West Jones Street
Higbee, Missouri 65257

Lucy’s Luscious Rose

Wine List:
Lucy’s Luscious Rose (tastes red, sweet for a semisweet)
Michelle’s Sweet White (semisweet aftertaste)
Michelle’s Sweet Red (Concord, like bitter grape jelly)
My Sweet Dear (bitter aftertaste, cherry jelly)
Sugar Oak Port (very dark, strong, oak)
Sawmill Sweet (very dark and strong, tastes like how cognac smells)
Sawmill Sweet Reserve (not as thick, still dark, strong, and bitter)

They have eclairs too but they were disappointing.

In August 2012 we took a week off work to go on a wine tasting road trip to try and fill out our passports. This was a bit easier than expected because we could go through wine trails (areas with wineries very close together) and hit up to 8 wineries in one day. It turned out to be a very productive week. Anyone want to guess how many places we visited?


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