Chandler Hill Vineyards

Chandler Hill Vineyards
596 Defiance Rd
Defiance, MO 63341

Vin Glacé Ice Wine

Wines Tasted:
Raspberry Sparkling (very sparkling, actually from California)
Great Heron Vidal Blanc (semisweet, tastes like lime and some pear)
Lake Hawk Vignoles (not that good, only one grown here)
River Birch Red (has a brandy taste and a red berry aftertaste, not very sweet though)
Vin Glacé Riesling Ice Wine (from Washington, smells like lemon, tastes like apricot and honey, very sweet)

This is where I first found out about eiswein. Eiswein (ice wine) is made from grapes that were left on the vine until the first frost. This makes them very sweet and concentrated. The tasting room was very elegant and we were amused by a sign outside saying “do not climb on rocks.”


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