Crown Valley

Crown Valley
23589 State Route WW
Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670


Wine List:
Crown Red (semi-dry, good if you like dry)
Riesling (a little grapefruity)
Muscato (sparking but not too much, the carbonation improves it actually)
Peach (delightfully sweet, they probably just put peach juice in a wine bottle and call it peach wine)
Grand Traminette (a white port, orange and lychee, doesn’t taste like port or traminette but has brandy)
Fine Old Chardonel (too dry, smells and tastes like port but no.)

$6 to taste, glass included. When you come in here it is a large building (not to mention the 700 acre vineyard) so you get tokens for your tastings and redeem them in the bar area. They have very generous pours.


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