Rothbrick Crush

Rothbrick Crush
420 Peckew Trl
Jackson, MO 63755

May be closed as of 2015.

Wines Tasted:
Blue Shawnee (a white blend, semi-sweet and not too bad)
Muscadine (semi-sweet red, smells spicy, tastes tart and fruity)

They only make dry and semi-dry wines but was fun to visit. They had chololate with the tasting, and there was a frozen wine sangria that didn’t taste much like wine at all but it was good. They were nice and relaxed and also had a cool wine poster. (I’m not sure what I meant by this but upon stretching my memory I know it was either “And the Winner Is” by Karen Honaker or De Long’s periodic table of wine.)

"And The Winner Is" by Karen Honaker wine glasses and wine bottles
I really should have bought this print when I first saw it because I can’t find any in stock online and I still think it’s pretty 3 years later.

red and yellow periodic table of grape varietals or wine varieties by De Long


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