Thousand Oaks Winery

Thousand Oaks Winery
R.R. 1, Box 503B
Marble Hill, MO 63764

Wines Tasted:
Miss Kitty Catawba (sweet, weird aftertaste)
Cranberry Femme Fatale (very cranberry, doesn’t linger)
Raspberry Crimson (a very dark raspberry/cranberry blend)
Cherry Bomb (like a bitter black cherry)
Norton/Concord Blend (oak sharpness that starts out pleasant and suddenly increases exponentially to a not so pleasant)

Wines were nothing unique but my companion liked the old maps on the wall. They probably make more money from wood-fired pizzas (which we probably should have tried) than wine because they’re in the middle of nowhere. I am noticing quite a lot of places serving pizzas with their wine.


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