Vance Vineyards

Vance Vineyards
1522 Madison 212
Fredericktown, MO 63645
Note: GPS leads to their mailbox and the place is further down the road.

Favorite: Blackberry

Wines Tasted:
Dry Chardonel (dry but no aftertaste)
Sweet Dreams (sweet but nothing special)
Blush (peach added, peachy but not too alcoholy)
Cham Berry (grapefruit)
Catawba (grapefruit but sweet, includes tartrates)
Blackberry (very sweet)
Plum (plummy, smells good, but taste not impressive)
Sweetie Pie (all the berries combined, very nice, leaves residue behind because they use the whole berry)
Strawberry (smells and tastes like strawberry jam, a bitter finish)

Beautiful building. They use their own grapes except for the Traminette and the berries. Tasting was very fast.


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