Pirtle Winery

Pirtle Winery
502 Spring Street
Weston, MO 64098

Mellow Red, Raspberry Mead

Wines Tasted:
Vignoles (their only white, good even though dry)
Weston Bend Rose (uses whole grape and stems, crisp and not sweet but not dry)
Apple (made of apples in oak, smells like apple juice which gives you unrealistic expectations)
Blueberry (made of blueberries only, a very very tart blueberry flavor)
Effervescent Mead (very honey tasting, good*, a little tart)
Raspberry Mead (very nice, doesn’t taste like mead but like raspberry wine)
Mellow Red (Concord grape, very sweet and nice)

This location is in a former church so there are some stairs to climb to get in. We would have tried more of their meads but the Renaissance Festival bought all of their non-sparkling mead. They are the official mead provider of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

*I hate all things carbonated so I will probably never say anything good about anything sparkling or effervescent. The fact that I wrote “good” next to this when it was carbonated indicates that this is an AMAZING mead and somebody who likes carbonation would love it.


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