Amigoni Urban Winery

Amigoni Urban Winery
1505 Genessee St #100
Kansas City, MO 64102

Wines Tasted:
2011 Urban Bianco – kind of bitter, and dry. 66% Sauvignon Blanc, 34% Viognier.
2011 Urban Rosé – grassy, very dry
2009 Malbec – tastes like pepper and dill, very dry. They say it’s good with BBQ but it’s Kansas City; everyone there says that. According to TV, people in Kansas City probably eat BBQ every day.
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon – like pepper, somewhat like port, very smooth but dry
2012 Urban Red – Cabernet Sauvignon, like a port but still dry and oaky.

They are in the old historic Telegraph building in downtown Kansas City. They get their barrels from Cooper’s Oak, most of their wines are blends. $5 for 5 tastes.


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