Odessa Winery

Odessa Country Winery
2466 McNeel Rd
Odessa, MO

Wines Tasted:
Peach – delicious, doesn’t even taste like alcohol
Apple – 4 kinds of apples, interesting apple taste
2011 Country Concord – a nice Concord, a little watery
2009 Country Concord – a little oakier, they are giving it out with the 2011 because they forgot about it behind some boxes
Tornado Spotter – same delicious jalapeno wine we had last time, tastes like heartburn
Happy Chef – a standard red wine, probably Concord. Tasted different with pepper residue from the Tornado Spotter.

They also have tomato, plum, pineapple, and others. Since they are so small they play around a lot. The winery is very hard to find and they need some signs but the wines are very nice. All are sweet.


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