Endless Summer Winery

Endless Summer Winery
5 Grosse Lane
Hermann, MO 65041

Apple & Mulling Spices

Wines Tasted:
Pear (Asian and Bartlett pears, 12%abv, light and not very peary)
Apple (a little tart, high alcohol taste)
Apple & Mulling Spices (good served hot, he adds 4 tsp sugar per bottle)
Peach (tastes like peach, could be sweeter, meh)
Pineapple (tastes like pineapple juice watered down with alcohol aftertaste. My companion liked it.)
Pecan & Raisin Wine (he added raisins because the government told him it had too much sugar. Doesn’t taste like pecans. Sometimes he adds brandy and cider. Meh.)
Blueberry (sweet, rather tart)
Blackberry (kind of like blackberry juice, ok)
Jalapeno-Raisin (24% jalapeno, 76% raisin), nice pepper smell, tastes like watered down pepper, a little aftertaste)

It was tons of fun to talk to the guy who makes these unusual wines. Some of them were hits and others were misses, but with such a big variety there is sure to be something for everyone. I do feel compelled to point out that if you like jalapeno wine you should try Odessa’s Tornado Spotter. It’s even better than the Jalapeno Raisin wine here.


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