Serenity Valley (2)

Serenity Valley
1888 County #342
Fulton, MO 65251

Jammin’ Berry
Spring Blossom

Wines Tasted:
Fiery Opal (red grapefruit)
Sigh No More (raspberry, acai)
Jammin’ Berry (sweet tart berry good)
Perfect Pear (good with gorgonzola, sour aftertaste)
Spring Blossom (sweet white)
Sweetheart (a little tart, raspberry)

This is my second visit to Serenity Valley and it is definitely a place I will be coming back to. The house and the lake are still big and pretty. They are a little hard to find because they aren’t really in Fulton though they are close to the highway if you take the right directions. They should really get a billboard, and I told them that.


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