Stone Hill #2 Highway Outlet (New Florence) (2)

UPDATE: As of 2016, this location is now called Curling Vine Winery.

Stone Hill #2 Highway Outlet (New Florence)
485 Booneslick Road
New Florence, MO 63363

Stone Hill Concord, Port, Pink Catawba

Wines Tasted:
Stone Hill Concord (nice)
Pink Catawba (grapefruity, also nice)
Golden Rhine (light and dry and grapefruity)
Vignoles (sour and grapefruity, meh)
Port (good)

This is my second visit to the highway outlet of the Stone Hill Winery. The passport program reset at the beginning of 2013, so there will be some repeats. It has the same wines but is conveniently located along I-70 so you won’t have to go all the way to Hermann (which isn’t that far away). They also have a location in Branson that isn’t part of the passport program.


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