Pirtle Winery (Level 5 celebration)

Pirtle Winery (Level 5 celebration)
502 Spring Street
Weston, MO 64098

Regular Mead
Also liked:
Port, Mellow Red, Blackberry Mead

We visited so many Missouri wineries we reached Level 5 and earned a wine and food party at a winery of our choice, with specially chosen snacks with each wine. Pirtle is one of our favorites, has plenty of space for party guests, and is easily accessed from the highway so it was an obvious choice. It was very nice. Unfortunately, I wrote down which wines we were served but not what foods went with them.

Wines Tasted:
Apple (tastes better the more you drink)
Cherry (better than Cherry Chocolate)
Cherry Chocolate (see above)
Blueberry (woodsy but good)
Mead (tastes like honey, non-effervescent is better)
Blackberry Mead (also great)
Mellow Red (concord grapes, their best seller)
Port (served with chocolate, I would drink the wine then eat the chocolate, but don’t drink the wine again)


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