Weston Wine Company

Weston Wine Company
519 Main St
Weston, MO 64098

I didn’t take notes but I remember that my favorite was the Trilliant Cut (a sweet red).

Here’s a list of their wines:
Queen Brilliant Cut (dry white)
King Brilliant Cut (dry red)
Princess Cut (semi-sweet white)
Rosette Cut (semi-sweet rosé)
Radiant Cut (semi-sweet red)
Navette Cut (sweet white)
Trilliant Cut (sweet red)

After visiting Pirtle Winery and the McCormick Distillery, we noticed this new winery in town. Everything is named after ways to cut gems (because diamonds are a girl’s best friend), and there is a very girly/sorority feel to it. Lots of furry purple furniture, etc. I didn’t mind although my husband didn’t like it at all. Haha. For an additional fee, you can do your wine tasting with different cupcakes that pair with each wine. I didn’t try it but I probably should have.


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