Honeywood Winery

Honeywood Winery
1350 Hines St SE
Salem, OR 97302

Favorites: Clover Honey Mead, Pear Nectar (all of them, really)

Wines Tasted:
BlackJack – blackberry hard cider, blackberry with no leaves
Loganberry – sweet all the way through, has to be picked by hand
Marionberry – like blackberry and raspberry
Olallieberry Supreme – like raspberry without leaves
Clover Honey Mead – like dissolved honey
Blackberry Mead – blackberry wine with honey at the end
Peach Supreme – peachy-sweet but tart, like a mimosa
Pear – made for Harry & David for table wine
Pear Nectar – even sweeter than pear, tastes like honey
Plum – tastes purple, like plums
Tropical Sunset – pineapple, mango, kiwi, tastes like a mixed drink
Niagara – smells like juicy pear jelly beans, a little bitter, like a white Concord
Rhubarb – tasted like rhubarb I guess, I hate rhubarb but we got a bottle for my brother-in-law who loved it

We went to Oregon to see our friends be married, and then thought, “Let’s visit a winery!” And then I thought, “Even though it’s not in Missouri, I’m going to put it on the website anyway.” So here it is.

Since May 2015 was Oregon Wine Month, they were having a special deal with Alaska Airlines: a case of Oregon wine flies for free. So, we bought a whole case of 12 different fruit wines from these people and I have no regrets. In fact, they are selling Honeywood’s mead in Missouri now. Honeywood say they are Oregon’s oldest winery, and they have some “normal” wines but the unusual fruit wines and the meads were why we visited. (Later in our trip we found out loganberries, marionberries, and olallieberries aren’t unusual in Oregon, but they are unusual if you live in Missouri.) Also, there is a section of the store devoted to bacon, which shows how great these people are. I would definitely go back here if I went back to Oregon.


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