17705 County Rd 260
Oronogo, MO 64855

Biddy Early
Irish Moondrops

Wines Tasted:
Norton – Smells like port
Red Shamrock – oaky, Chambourcin
Nine Ladies 2013 – very woody and very strong
Àlainn 2014 – sour, contains a bit of sediment
Autumn Memories – Chambourcin, some cherry
Irish Teardrops – Concord grapes, tastes like raspberry leaves
Biddy Early – semi-sweet, sort of fruity black cherry, pretty red color
Irish Raindrops – Cayuga, ok
Irish Moondrops – pink, tastes like ruby red grapefruit juice
Pear Wine – very sharp, burns a bit. Not sweet.

As you can tell by their logo and the names of the wines, Keltoi is very Irish. We tasted all the wines for $5 and it included a small stemless glass. I am starting to like stemless wine glasses and I’ve been using the Keltoi glass a lot at home. As of now, Keltoi wines are only sold at the winery and not at any other stores. Also, the crackers were excellent and really made the wines taste better (I think they had parsley or basil on them) It was really fun to visit here but they’re kind of hard to get to.


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