Chateau Aux Arc

Chateau Aux Arc
8045 Champagne Dr (Hwy 186)
Altus, AR 72821

Favorite: Savant

Wines Tasted:
2013 Cynthiana – tastes like trees, as it turns out the grapes were planted on top of decaying cedar and oak. Some people say you can taste if there were oak trees on the property in the last 100 years. I don’t think I could go that far back but this was noticeable. Another great viticulture learning experience!
2013 Bishop’s Red – watery, bitter
2014 Sweet Bishop’s Red – bad, tastes like it has decayed
2013 Altage (blue label) – sour, watery
2014 Altage (silver label)– sweeter but really oaky so the blue label was better
2013 Savant – complex, kind of sweet and sour, hard to describe but good.
2013 Cynthiana Sweet Reserve – 80% Cynthiana and 20% Concord, very sharp, tastes like it’s carbonated.
2014 Dragonfly Red – mix of 20 grapes, smooth but dry and woody
2011 Cynthiana Muscadine Port – smells like butter, oaky, makes you pucker.


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