Post Familie

Post Familie
1700 St. Mary’s Mountain Rd
Altus, AR 72821

Muscadine Red, Sherry

Wines Tasted:
Niagara – sweet but very strong, tart finish
Muscadine Red – tastes like those hibiscus flowers in syrup but more diluted
Sherry – golden yellow and nutty, nice
Altus Port – strong and oaky
Tornado Zinfandel – big acidic taste, hits hard
Concord Port – cranberry smell, very strong (19% alcohol)
Delawine – strong, has 19% alcohol
White Port – sweet flowery smell, acidic finish, good. 19% alcohol

5 tastes for $5. The store is interesting and fun to visit. The lady there said there are Post Familie wines sold in Missouri now, so I will be looking. By the way, Familie is German for family, it’s not a typo. I noticed that they really like muscadine here, and Post has bottles of muscadine juice for sale. I also noticed that as you go down the mountain, the wines get sweeter.


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