3324 Swiss Family Dr
Wiederkehr Village, AR 72821

Favorite: Niagara

Wines Tasted:
Niagara – white, flowery, and sweet, favorite
Sangria – smells of cranberry, plastic finish
Beau Noir – tart and dark
Alpine Rose – orange in color, crisp and sweet. Good.
Blush Muscadine – tastes like grapefruit juice. Usually muscadine is dry but these Arkansas muscadines are sweet.
Concord – fortified with brandy, warming but tart in a bad way
Delawine (Delaware?) – fortified with brandy, very strong and oaky
Splendid Red – a low carb wine, tastes like Niagra with an additional aspartame flavor

When Johann Wiederkehr came to the United States from Switzerland, he noticed that St. Mary’s Mountain in Altus, AR looked like the Swiss Alps and he thought it would be a good place to grow grapes. The whole area around here is very cute and German looking. Taste 3 wines for free, 5 additional tastes $5 a person. There is a restaurant but I think it was closed when we were there.



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