Cowtown Winery

Cowtown Winery
112 W Exchange Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76164

Favorites: Boot Scootin’ Zinfandel, Rodeo Red

Wines Tasted:
Painted Lady – very strong pink smell, kind of medicinal, acidic strawberry stem taste and metallic. Sweet but not enjoyable.
Boot Scootin’ Pinot Noir – smells of grape jelly, floral. Acidic from start to finish, flavor not as bold as the others we tasted. Like raspberry leaves and cranberry.
Texas Twister – smels like leaves, berries, and lemon. A bit of a bite, mostly cranberry taste. It says it’s made with pomegranates but I’m not sure what pomegranates taste like.
Rodeo Red – smells like black cherry and charcoal with a much sweeter taste, like maraschino cherry juice. Viscous yet smooth mouthfeel.
Boot Scootin’ Zinfandel – huge raspberry smell, luscious taste with raspberry leaves at finish.
Wild West Berry – like a Concord with even more sugar, and a citrus and cherry smell. I think if eiswein were red it might taste like this. Almost too sweet (the horror!).

This winery is in the Stockyards portion of Fort Worth, which is a really fun area to visit, although it’s a bit more expensive because they know it’s a tourist trap. But where else will you find a twice daily cattle drive? The labels are very pretty but they really should not have named two different wines Boot Scootin’.

Update (January 2016): I opened the Rodeo Red that I brought home and oh my goodness it almost tasted like Kool-Aid. I never thought I would write this, but it was too sweet. I’m not sure if it got sweeter somehow, what we bought was different from what we tasted (it’s happened a lot before), or if it was less noticeable in a small taste. My companion thought it was great both ways.


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