Silver Dollar Winery

Silver Dollar Winery
1937 Bedford Rd
Bedford, TX 76021

Favorites: Liberty Bell Sweet White, IMPeached

Wines Tasted:
Johnson Muscat – green apple, fizzy. “Semi-sparkling Frizzante style wine. Sweet Orange Muscat and Muscat Canelli”
Roosevelt Rosé – strawberry and cherry, smells of magnolias. Good. “Semi-sweet Rosé wine with strawberry, watermelon, and smooth finish”
Sweet Blanc Du Bois – honeysuckle, not as sweet as semisweet Rose, like outside vines. Lots of tears on the glass. “Sweet white wine with apple, honeysuckle, and sweet apple crisp”
IMPeached – Heavy floral smell. Most viscous, sweetest, like peach and honey. Great! “Bold sensual peach infused wine so tempting and sensual you will be IMPeached”
Liberty Bell Sweet White – sweet but complex, lots of fruit, green apple, pear, maybe a little lemon. Tastes like whatever fruit you’re thinking about. Great! “Sweet white wine with orchard flavors of apple and peach”

$8 for 5 tastings. It doesn’t look like much outside but it is very welcoming inside with an awesome penny bar and there are tons of wines. The wines seem to have a high alcohol content.


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