Su Vino Winery

Su Vino Winery
120 S Main St
Grapevine, TX 76051

Favorites: they were all good, Ruby Port, Cornucopia

Wines Tasted:
There are so many different types of wine here that we were able to try 5 different ports.
Ruby Port – some dark chocolate, nuts, and spices. It has a lot going on and this is supposed to be the most un-complicated dessert wine. I’m looking forward to my next ports.
White Chocolate Port – I did not expect colors other than red! It’s yellow! It smells like a caramel truffle. Doesn’t taste like chocolate, more citrusy, but viscous.
Cornucopia – reddish-brown, since it said orange spice on the description I was almost expecting it to be orange. Smells like trees, cinnamon, and maple.
Mo Jo – a coffee port. Smells like sweet raspberry coffee, very heavy. There is a long, lingering sweet taste, mostly fruity like cherry. Very dark brown color. I didn’t think it tasted like coffee but my companion did.
Dolce – salted caramel. A hard hitter with a strong caramel smell. It tastes acidic with a sweet finish.

Grapevine is the Christmas capital of Texas. We thought it was decorated for Christmas but it might look like this all year. 4 tastes for $6, Mark is very knowledgeable and fun to talk to. All of them are blends of grapes from other sources.


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