Riverwood Winery

Riverwood Winery
22200 MO-45,
Rushville, MO 64484

Favorites: Sweet Tempered Red, Red Eminence, Barrel Aged Apple

Wines Tasted:
Barrel Aged Apple – buttery and good. It’s apple wine aged in Missouri white oak barrels. The apples are grown in Missouri too.
Cranberry – 100% cranberry juice, meh
Blueberry – more viscous, meh. The glass had a weird smell.
Cabernet Sauvignon – Aged for 6 months in American oak, the description calls it medium-bodied. If this is medium-bodied I am hesitant to think what a heavy-bodied Cabernet would taste like. It almost hurts to put this in your mouth.
Chambourcin – Aged in stainless steel, very tart and raspberry-like.
Sweet Tempered Red – Chambourcin, lots of wine tears on the glass. It starts out tart but becomes sweet.
Red Eminence – Port style (it’s made with grape spirits and Chambourcin), a nice red berry taste with a little chocolate, would be good with chocolate.

Two of their wines were available in mulled versions.
Mulled apple tasted like apple pie, but was very viscous. It was very good, although if you cook it too long, the alcohol all evaporates out.
Mulled Chambourcin still tastes like cranberries, not very different.

Riverwood Winery is in an old schoolhouse a little north of Weston, MO. They also have Scotch tastings, which started as a Father’s Day special but they continued when they had some left over, and it just grew. Amusingly, their water pitcher is from the Polish stoneware store in Weston. Support local businesses!


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