Stonehaus Farms (2)

24607 NE Colbern Rd
Lee’s Summit, MO 64086

Favorites: Port, Traminette, Apple Cranberry. I think the Traminette is something you could bring to a party and even the Merlot fans would enjoy it.

Wines Tasted:
Vidal Blanc – a hybrid of Ungi Blanc and Seibel. Fruity, goes well with crackers.
Vignole – a hybrid of Pinot de Corton and Seibel 8665. Smells like honey, tastes like honey and lemon
Traminette – Gewurztraminer hybrid. Very light honey flavor and very sweet for a Traminette.
Rose Red – tastes brown and viney, made of St. Vincent grapes
Apple Cranberry – very tart and lots of cranberry flavor. They suggest mulling.
Port – 19% ABV, Cynthiana grapes plus brandy, very nice and warm.
Abbecore (white port) – 17% ABV, good, would never realize the high alcohol content. Very sweet and tastes almost exactly like Vignoles.
They also have Vivant (dry white), Cynthiana (Norton), and Chambourcin, but I didn’t try them.

This winery is easily accessible from Kansas City and has a nice lake. In the tasting room, they have cute barrel tables and pretty racks full of bottles. Some of them say Strother Ridge because that was their old name, but they are rebranding so that everything will say Stonehaus Farms.


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