Curling Vine Winery

Curling Vine Winery (used to be Stone Hill Highway Outlet)
485 Booneslick Rd
New Florence, MO 63363

Bubba’s Red and Twisted Peach

Wines Tasted:
Vignoles – semi-sweet, very tart, not viney like many other Vignoles
Constant White -nonspecific flavor, sweet with a slight plastic taste
Twisted Peach – nice and peachy, very good
Twisted Blackberry – viney, does taste like blackberry
Twisted Cranberry – tastes like cranberry and a little raspberry
Pink Catawba – meh
Bubba’s Red – a nice Concord that tastes like raspberry as well

They were still hard at work remodeling the place when we visited. They were working on the exterior while the weather was nice and then will focus on repainting etc. on the inside when winter arrives. Same convenient location on the outer road of I-70.


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