It all started December 27, 2011. We went to the Stone Hill Winery and did a wine tasting just for fun. They gave us a little paper book and said it was our wine passport, and we could use it to collect stamps from all the wineries in Missouri and redeem them for fabulous prizes. Conveniently, we were on the Hermann Wine Trail, so there were three other wineries just a short drive away. We visited all three of them and redeemed our 4 stamps for the Level 1 prize: a small towel that said Missouri Wine. After that, we were hooked and began a multi-year journey to try and visit every winery in Missouri. Since there are over 100, we haven’t made it to every single one yet. They reset the passport program in 2012 so we had to start over but we collected enough stamps to have a Level 5 party at Pirtle Winery, one of our favorites.

Sadly, the Missouri Wine people don’t do the passport program any more, but we revisit our favorites and try to visit new wineries whenever we can.

A few years later (in 2015) I decided I should make a website about my wine travels, so I gathered up all my passports and little scraps of paper that I had collected and transcribed them here. That’s why some of the descriptions are so sparse, especially in the earlier posts; I didn’t know I was going to make a website. The dates on the posts refer to the date that I visited the winery.


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