Not Sweet Enough? See Here.

Would you believe I used to think I didn’t like wine? It turned out that I had always been served dry wines my whole life and had never tasted anything sweeter than champagne (which is usually dry or semi-dry). Once I tasted something sweet, my whole outlook on wine changed. My traveling partner is less discriminating but still prefers sweet wines over dry wines.

If I write that a particular winery doesn’t have anything sweet enough or that I didn’t like any of their wines, that isn’t a personal insult to them. It doesn’t mean that it’s a bad winery. It just means that their wines are dry or semi-sweet and I personally prefer sweet wines and fruit wines. Some people have told me that as my palate matures, I will start to appreciate dry wines too. When we visit wineries we do make a point of starting at the semi-dry/semi-sweet wines and working our way up to the sweetest ones, so if my tastes change I will know. So far, I still prefer the sweet wines and that’s fine with me. Life is too short to drink wine you don’t completely enjoy!

We aren’t the only people in Missouri who like sweet wine:

If you still would rather drink dry wines, here are some recommendations from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
Recommendations from me:


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